Biography » 1959 – Present

biopicthumbMasayuki Gregory Suzuki was born in 1959 in Tokyo. In 1979, at the age of 19, he moved to Los Angeles, California, and attended The Los Angeles Mission College. During these years, he met up with his old friend, Osamu Kitajima, regarded by many as the original pioneer of blending eastern and western music, who soon became his mentor. After graduating as a music major, Greg became one of the first Japanese musicians to register in the Los Angeles Music Union. Based in Los Angeles, he began his musical career.

Together with Osamu, Greg recorded hundreds of TV commercials, and performed at numerous concerts and shows including the 1981 Montreal Jazz Festival, the Santa Barbara Jazz Festival in 1983, the 1984 Olympic Games Opening, and countless other gigs. In a Japan Tour in 1982, He and Osamu performed in Budokan at the Technics Jazz Festival at the Osaka Festival Hall.

In 1986, Greg switched gears and put his musical career on hold for the broader and more eminent career of show business; he joined Feld Entertainment Inc., the world’s largest live entertainment company. Since then, he has worked for the interests of prominent names in show business like Ringling Bros.- Barnum & Bailey Circus, The Greatest Show on Earth, Disney on Ice, and Disney Live.

His years of experience as Managing Director of Tours for Asia gave him the opportunity to explore his passions from a management perspective and he is responsible for establishing the company’s annual presence of Disney on Ice and Disney Live in the Asia Pacific region.

After 26 years at Feld Entertainment Inc, Greg joined EMS Asia Pacific Pte Ltd as its Manging Director in 2012. EMS is a market leader in traveling exhibitions which include Barbie The Dream House, C.S.I The Experience, Star Trek The Exhibition, 1,000 years of INCAgold, Leonard Davinci: Man, Inventor, Genius, Leonard Davinci: Man-Artist-Genius, Dinosaurs Live, Terracotta Army and Wold of Games. Its traveling stage shows include Barbie Live, Cirque Du Noel and Musical Rocks.