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After Sunset is the result of a collaborative effort of various musicians, produced by Dr. Osamu Kitajima and composed and directed by Greg Suzuki. After Sunset incorporates sounds from the east and west to create an exotic, exciting, and new-age jazz album.

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After Sunset was released in 2005 and was Greg’s first re-emergence into the music scene since his hiatus in 1986. The project marks a reunion between him and his former mentor, Dr. Osamu Kitajima.

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Among the contributing musicians are Kazu Matsui, friend and prominent bamboo flute player in major Hollywood films, internationally renowned Erhu player Karen Han whose contributions include ‘The Last Emperor’ and ‘Star Trek’, Sid Page, a concert violin virtuoso and many others.

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This album is dedicated to his lost friends, Tango, Kitahara and Renarto, who are all in heaven.