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theshowmustgoonbigThe Show Must Go On
Published: 2009 — ISBN: 978-4-02-250611-5
Written by: Greg Suzuki & Fumio Suzuki

The Show Must Go On, (known in Japan as 7 Secret Elements of a Producer) is a book written by Greg Suzuki and Fumio Suzuki about various topics of media production and show business. It was published in Japan in 2009.

The book takes the form of letters exchanged between Greg and Fumio towards the end of the 20th century and aims to give readers a window into the workings of the world of entertainment and what goes on behind the scenes.

Hidemi Okawa, a writer on Japan’s Asahi Weekly magazine, calls the book “touching.” The following is an excerpt of his review: “This book tells the success story of father and son, who together were able to bridge the business of circus, ice show, and other live entertainment between the U.S. and Japan.”

“Fumio Suzuki, born to a merchant trader in Yokohama, was educated to speak and write English due to his locality of the Yokohama port. He used this ability, which few Japanese at the time had, to sell the licensing rights of the TV series and franchise, “Astro Boy,” to America. Working with Hitchcock, it was the beginning of a fabulous career.

His son, Greg Suzuki, looked to fill these shoes after quitting a career in music. Thus, he began on a path that would take him further into the world of show business. The book details the events that take place between that time and today, in the form of letters exchanged between the two. In this poignant and inspiring book, hints of love and support between father and son are subtlety woven into the narrative.

Fumio’s decisiveness and experience-based confidence and Greg’s abounding effort to learn from him teach us that passion is important and the key to reaching success.”